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Agape Focus Ministry

Lending Hand to a Child in Need  

Our Programs 


Agape Focus Ministry believes each child as the potential to rise above poverty, each  child regardless of race color should not have to go to bed hungry, each child deserve an opportunity to be educated, love, properly clothe, and at least one good meal a day. 

AFM program is in place to provide a better atmosphere for the unfortunate children to build housing and school, provide transportation, spiritual feed the children, The program is based in Agape (Love) and be confidence that the future community will encounter a change and develop in a better way to focus on the future, by using the talents received from AFM, and spread the love with their capacity as citizens rather than focused on the boundaries and failures of the purpose. 

Our focuses also engage reaching out to family, provide basic daily needs. Preventing Child abuse, a counseling session on weekly bases, is held to restore trust and prevent future child abuse and molestation. 

Weekly Spiritual Guidance coaching; to enlighten their spiritual intellect and help them to understand and identify their place in society as well as the kingdom of God.