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Agape Focus Ministry

Lending Hand to a Child in Need  

We please and bless by your desire to help change someone life and plant the seed of joy and hope in someone heart today, your donation, gifts and kind words to Agape Focus Ministry will empower and transform a child life’s today.

In effort to make that dream come true for those youngsters in Haiti, we need charitable contributions from donors like you who can help build housing, feed that hungry child, help that parent with ˝ dozen kids, we can provide a better atmosphere for these children to live;  Our financial support does not come from government grants its simply come from generous giver like you, talented Christian artist, young teenagers, individuals, businesses, and private foundations provide the financial support needed to bring that vision alive and help accomplish that mission, by providing  care for the children in needs.

In addition to maintain supporting those children, your donations help us to buy material to build a new home, pay transportation for the children to go to school, train caregivers, pay for supplies, provide elementary education, and more. Without your participation the effort to achieve this goal cannot be a success; please open your heart and your hand and help us spread the love of God among others spiritually as well as financially.

Remember no donation is too small to make a change, your effort of thinking about is highly appreciated, in event of wanted to became a frequent contributor , please review the list below and  select how and what category  you would like your donation to be effective.  

Your tax deductable donations can be mailed to:
Agape Focus Ministry INC.
c/o Sister Rosey Duvey
81 Millport avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840


1)      Primary School (Grades K-8) -.50/Day or $14/Month or$168/Year

2)      Secondary School (GRADES 9-12) - .75/Day or $21/Month $252/Year

3)      Vocational School Student – per program

4)      Paid for his or her school and living expenses (short term, long term) 


1)      An Orphan - $15/Week or $60/Month or $720/Year 


1)      One Teacher - $100/Month - $1,200/Year


1)      Your heart consideration of $50, $100, $200 or more


1)      Pay for a complete medical exam for a child 


1)      Feed a child & family for a day


1)      Feed the children & family by donating, Rice, Beans, Cooking Oil

2)       Milk Powder, Sugar, Spaghetti, Flour ect

3)       or simply cash in the amount of your heart desire ($15 $25, $75, $100, $200 or more)

Thank you for your contribution to help change lives and restored hope, transform a community; truly the lord has done and will do great things in your life, as your help change someone life’s.