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Agape Focus Ministry

Lending Hand to a Child in Need  

Agape Focus Ministry Vision                                                            


Millions of children in Haiti are underdeveloped with no parents, food, clothing, or access to medical or first aid care.  Every year majority of these children are dying from malnutrition, ECT;   Since a part of Jesus humanitarian’s life was spent in healing the sick, feeding the hungry & comforting the needy; Agape Focus feel the need to reach out and lend a hand to a child in need, by using their minds, talents, everything God gave them to assure a young child like themselves; have one good meal per day, an opportunity to be educated, properly clothe, and at least one doctor visit per year and provide them with a clean furnish place to live. 

In effort to make that dream come true for those youngsters in Haiti, we need charitable contributions from donors like you who can help build housing, feed that hungry child, help that parent with ½ dozen kids we can provide a better atmosphere for these children to live;  Our financial support does not come from government grants its simply come from generous giver like you, group of talented Christian artist, a group of young regular teenagers, individuals, businesses, and private foundations provide the financial support needed to bring that vision to accomplish that mission, to help provide care for the children in needs.

In addition to maintain supporting those children, your donations help us to buy material to build a new home, pay transportation for the children to go to school, train caregivers, pay for supplies, provide elementary education, and more. Without your participation to help achieve that goal our effort cannot be a success to spread the love of God among others spiritually as well as financially.